220 interview…

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IM Lanza

I went into IM Lanzarote with great training banked since January. The winter weather in Aberdeen was milder than normal but still the typical cold


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www.buccaneertri.com talking with Scott Neyedli

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I picked up my new sponsored bike for the 2014 season – in fact my first sponsored bike for 4 years… Mike was kind enough to sponsor both my TT

The Triathlon Show 2014

Joe Beer Pocast Powerbar interview with Scott Neyedli Some pictures from the 2014 Triathlon Show and 220 Triathlon Awards Triathlon Show 10K, Sandown Race Course

Triathlete of the Year Awards…

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If only triathlon gear was this simple

“If only triathlon gear was this simple” 15/02/2014 Silver City Blues Masters Swimming Gala, Aberdeen Scotland M35-39 400 F/C – 1st (4:33.49, 2nd OA)) 100

Club La Santa Q&A Evening with Scott Neyedli

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