Western Australian 80 K TT Champs

As I start April, I enter my final high volume block of training in preparation for Urban Hotel Ironman Australia (1st May). I thought I’d sandwich my Sunday long ride/brick with an 80KTT (suggested by Mr Illingworth).
Initially on the reserve list I got the call on Saturday afternoon that I had a start. so at the end of my 1st hard week & double long run the day before, it was safe to say I was loaded for this one.
I cycled from the house to Wandi giving me a decent 40K or so warmup & I had  the aim, to get close to or just under 2 hours (81.8km). The conditions weren’t too favourable compared to previous years i was told, & I had a later start time of 9:22, conditions were a bit windy on 2nd half of a flat then rolling 10.3 km circuit course. This meant 8 laps but easy to keep a check on pacing.
I used my Rolf TT58’s setup on my Triad SL as this is what i plan using in Port mac rather than the preferred disc that many riders were using.  I was also 2 spots off before No. 1 seed, 2 X Olympian & double commonwealth medalist Matt Illingworth… bugger.. how long (or little) would it take him to pass me..

I started the first lap a bit tentatively but outside my target pace, then lap  2 started & before you could say “hows your father” lighting bolt Illingworth came steaming by at about 12 or 13 Ks.. I tried picking the pace up a bit, but tried not to get too stirred & stuck to the game plan, by half way I had 59:50 on Garmin & on target but I was starting to tire a little. At the finish I did tire but held it pretty well in 2:00:35.
Matt, the machine broke a spoke in lap 4 rolled into the car park changed wheels & still smashed the field by over 7 mins to 2nd…
I hung around to down a couple of cokes, refill my Powerbar biddons & headed off to finish my 180K ride & brick run. A good solid day

1st Matt Illingworth 1:51:16
2nd Tim Roberts 1:58:34
3rd Guy Crawford 1:59:29
4th Troy Coulthard 2:00:33
5th Scott Neyedli 2:00:35
6th Brynt McSwain 2:01:32
7th Cam Berg 2:01:34
8th Nathan Jones 2:02:02
9th Paul Taseff 2:02:42
10th Chris Roberts 2:02:45

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