Ironman Australia 2011 race report

Ironman Australia 2011

I had a great preparation based in Perth WA for the second year. All went well with only a hamstring issue I was able to keep on top with thanks to Dianella chiropractic & CBD wellness in my last 6 week lead up.

There were few changes to the course from 2010, transition was re-located to the CBD, slightly altering the swim start, but more or less the same course. A new two lap cycle course was devised, and the run was changed from a 3 lap to 4 lap marathon.

The swim was changed back to a mass start & the pros given about a 10m gap on the age groupers behind. Thankfully no false starts this year but I wasn’t able to get the jump off the front as I had hoped.  Pete swam hard from the gun & I tried to get onto his draft after swimming side by side for the first 50m or so… but with 2 swimmers clambering on my feet & legs, Pete opened a gap pretty swiftly & I couldn’t get back on.
I did my best to chase & I limited the gap in first Km but I was continuously getting clocked by a red cap (age group) to my left & also on my feet & calf’s by the swimmer behind.

This more or less continued throughout my swim & when smacked my hand on mooring by a turn bouy about half way I got pretty fed up, I looked behind to see the main pack to tow so I sat up in the water to let someone else in the group to do some work, (firstly to get some feeling into my hand again) & worked back into 2nd swimmer to conserves a bit of energy for the end where I hit the front again to break things up before entering T2.

I jumped onto the bike, Adam Holobrow exited pretty swiftly & Patrick Vernay just seconds in front.  As I tried to chase them up hills out of town I heard a regular shooting sound & my initial thoughts were maybe I had a puncture or slow leak. I had a good look around my Triad distracting me from my rhythm but I couldn’t see anything & the pressure felt good (note I should of stopped for a proper look).

After some time the noise stopped & I forgot about it as I hunkered down to the bike leg. I was pretty much on my own for the first 90-95 K’s. Mitch passed fairly early on then Courtney & then Scott C after about an hour or so on the saddle.  The conditions were pretty challenging with I would say 60% of the ride into a head wind.  After the first lap it was clear Pete was well in front & looking good while the rest didn’t really make any more time at the end of lap 1 except for Mitch.

Shorto was about a min behind & a few others tucked in behind. I pedaled out of port Mac for the second time & something caught my eye on my front wheel… A Powergel was stuck on my wheel to my disbelief.  I couldn’t believe how I missed this at the bike start. I tried flicking it off a few times & couldn’t. Special needs was about 500m away so I waited to dismounted there, to pee the gel off & retrieve exactly what I wanted from my special needs bag.  I started pedaling again & It didn’t take long for Shorto to bridge up to me.  The second half of the bike I exchanged positions a couple of times & the athletes behind soon disappeared.  By the last turn the field was pretty spread out & I was sure I could catch a few guys on the marathon.

Onto the marathon I learned that Courtney had been side lined for a puncture  & so I set about running the marathon. Jason I knew is an awesome athlete & runner & he took off pretty fast & I think made 3- 3 1/2 min in the first 10K!

I wasn’t sure where I was on the overall placing as it was hard to pick people out with the 70.3 pro & age groups hitting the course & by the second 2nd lap the run course was pretty congested, especially at the aid stations. Also I saw no bikes for 2nd or 3rd positions so this made things harder to know how the race was panning out.

After 1 ½ laps I had picked up 2 positions I knew of but I wasn’t sure If I was 5th or 6th place & on 3rd lap I passed a struggling Mitch Anderson. With 1 lap to go I then got some feed back that I was in 4th & Shorto was only 2 ½ mins up on me, & Courtney had creeped up to 50 secs behind. I tried pushing a little more but the run was really hard to navigate all through the course & I got ran into by an oncoming athlete at one of the aid stations (I had the bruises to show for the next day) & by the last turn around I was surprised to see Jason not too far ahead & Courtney now about 30 secs behind.

Heading back into town I really tried push hard, firstly to hold onto 4th but now also sensing that a podium was possible… finishing the marathon strongly I felt I pushed too hard, too late I finished 2 ½ mins up on Courtney & got to within a min of Jason by the finishing chute.  Congratulations to Pete on his first Ironman title.

Thanks to all my supporters at home & abroad without there support I wouldn’t be able to race.

firstly mum, dad & my adoptive family in Perth Mozza & Lisa 😉
Ricky & the Urban Hotel Group
Andrew Ivey of Elite Sportz Perth WA
Mark and the staff at Selby Gym Perth WA
Wayne & Richard at Cycle Mania Perth WA
Suzi at Dianella Chiropractic Perth WA
Danny Powerbar Australia
Jamie at UK MSD, Fusion clothing, Ekoi eyeware & Blue cycles
Brian at Rolf Prima race wheels
Phil at Computrainer Australia,
Joe Beer UK, Rotor components, Neovite & Nathan fuel belts


Race photos:Bib No. 5


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