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July Update Stonehaven 1/2 Marathon

Its not the first time I’ve biked from home to race the Stonehaven half marathon to use a good hard training day, so this would be my 4th start in doing so.
The weather was perfect, clear blue skies & some sunburn to show for by the the end of the day.  The course is uphilll for about 5 miles, undulating & downhill undulating to the finnish.

I’ve had a win, a 2nd & a 3rd this event. My running has taken a back step this past month but Ive seen my weight come down to 63/64kg’s so I thought maybe a good time would be possible if my legs played game. As it happened they did & I placed 2nd in my new course pb 1:15.50 a few mins behind the 3x winner & Scottish International Ben Hukins.

It was great day & course profile giving no leverage to allow you to settle in to a steady rhythm & I had to work hard throughout with a good solid battle with Nick Milosolov (brother of Tony Milosolov former British marathon No.1 in the 80’s) who I eventually broke clear ground at 7 or 8 miles.  Afterwards I went for 125K ride over the backside of the Cairn O mounts (harder side & knockburn loch before heading home & then a small paddle at RGU sport  to cool off