Subaru Banff Triathlon

Two Jacks Lake

I drove over the Rocky Mountains from Kelowna (BC) to Banff  (Alberta) last weekend with Lisa to race in the Subaru Banff Triathlon.

Pre race media

It was a long day of driving, 7hrs & all including stops but I got the chance to see some of Canada I hadn’t seen before in the Summer time. The weather was fantastic & the scenery was beautiful… Simply a great place to be.

The race was really well organized, with two transitions to navigate, & a bike drop the night before didn’t give me much time other than to register, pack the race bags, eat & hit the sack.

The race began at glacier fed Two Jacks lake at a lowly 13/14c! It was cold! wetsuits were mandatory & the scull cap was also a good choice.

It was however a really toasty 26-28 deg J & you soon warmed up on the bike course that entailed a very scenic 2 loop undulating course before 12 km stretch taking you into Banff city centre for T2.

The race in felt ok but sluggish in general, I struggled in the swim which I put down to either the cold water shock & possibly the altitude (1400m or there abouts). I hung on in the swim & came out 2nd behind the leader & eventual winner Grant Burwash from Calgary. Onto my new 2011 Blue SL I wasn’t able to make any significant inroads into the lead as hoped after giving 2 or 3 digs & entered T2 1st with only a few sec lead.

Pretty much as soon as the run began I was relinquished to 2nd place & loosing big chunks of time to Grant. My calf’s felt uncomfortably tight & I tried pushing as much as I could but truth be known I was closer to Ironman pace than for Olympic distance. I held onto 2nd with Trev Williams also from Calgary chasing me down.

Thankyou to all the sponsors & race day volunteers for putting on a great race in a fantastic location.



Grant Burwash   1:51:44
Scott Neyedli   1:56:06
Trev Williams   1:58:02


Looks somewhat different to the Banff Springs Hotel in Scotland 😉


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