March 2012…

2012 has come around so quick… it does, but also doesn’t seem that long ago that I was in the working arena giving up full time work to give triathlon a bash – how quick time can fly by!

Without adequate sponsorship support in 2012, unfulfilled past agreements, cut prize money, unpaid prize money & WTC’s new points criteria & ranking system, it has become too expensive for me to continue full time triathlon without a reliable income.
Believe it or not the last 2 seasons have been a real struggle, consistently walking a tight rope on a student budget with a 2-3 month forecast on how to get to the next race…Ironman isn’t something you can do every other weekend, requiring at least 3 months of preparation & when you fall the wrong side on the prize purse It just gets harder. Flights, accommodation & cost of living keeps on increasing yet WTC IM prize purse has largely stayed the same for over 10 years and now halved in certain races, increased slightly in others but crucially paying less deep also.

At the turn of the year I accepted an engineering job (my original profession) in the Oil & Gas so Im now settling back into the real world once more (getting paid on time) and working regular work hours Monday-Friday .
So what does this mean for me & triathlon?

I have had my time off & time to arrange a couple of over due ops. I still plan to race open category domestically this year with 2 focus Ironman distance races over summer, firstly Challenge Cairns (Australia in June)  & peaking late summer at Challenge Henley (London in Sept).

I don’t plan racing age group any time soon, I may be working full time which will limit my my training time but I can still challenge a lot of full time athletes. I will just have to commit like I did in 2006, training smart, eating smart, sleeping smart and racing even smarter :) Who knows what the future may hold… More immediately I will be at the Triathlon (TCR) Show this weekend in Sandown (2nd &3rd March) so please pop by & say hello. The last time I was at the TCR show was in March 2007 so Im looking forward to seeing the newest, latest & greatest gadgets.

Triathlon Show 2012
Sandown, England

I will confirm engagement times if changed via twitter / FB once Im down there but I will be mostly working at the ON running team booth through the weekend
– Simply the best pair of runners Ive ever used.

The Fit Brands Fashion Show & Drinks Party Friday 2nd March 7pm

PowerBar Watt Bike Race Sat 3rd March 3pm

Powerbar Nutrition Q&A Sat 3rd March 1:20pm with Joe Beer

Challenge Henley – Sat 3rd March late morning time tbc

Lewis Andrews Foundation – Please support this great cause & support the youth & next generation

Look out also for Swim Smooths Paul Newsome & Adam Young I believe there involved with the launch of the new HUUB Wetsuit designed by Dean Jackson (former designer at Blueseventy)- claiming to be the fastest suit in the market…

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