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Description: Four stroke positive Drive Fins

Blade specifically designed to provide superior propulsion and power

-Offset foot pocket transfers natural foot power into “positive drive”
-Increased foot and ankle flexibility for increased propulsion
-Designed to broaden the front of the foot and reduce pressure on the instep and toes

Jumping back into the pool following my sinus operation I have been trialling some of Zoggs swimming aids & accessories that Zoggs kindly sent me this past 6 weeks.
The first new item I got a hold of was the Zoggs Positive Drive Fins and I have to say I am now a convert & use these as my preferred choice of Fin in the pool for all my specific leg drill workouts.
The positive drive fins can be used in all 4 strokes as stated – F/C, B/C, FLY & Breastroke.
Yes breastroke, definitely a fins first…
Apon the first time of fitting them I wasn’t sure to make of the oddly shaped short fins… but my first impressions were that It did feel like my ankles were working harder when compared to the Zoggs Bluefinz during the same session.

Zoggs say the foot pockets help transfer your natural drive into positive power & help promote your ankle flexibility which I agree with, but additionally I think helps strengthen your ankles more in the flexed position that also promotes a natural feel to kick more efficiently with power. I think the oddly shape to fin is what promotes this feeling or compensation that make the ankles work harder.

I believe this more so whilst performing F/C & B/C underwater kick drills, kick on the side, kick just under the surface on the front or back (no float) or sculling.
I also found more of recruitment or emphasis in the upward thrust when swimming  Butterfly full stroke than just the normal powerful downward thrust or weaker trail you sometimes feel at the back end of the fly kick.
Performing Breastroke was a new experience in itself and although an odd feeling at first it did force me to feel a little more in the water, slow my technique down to feel more optimal than without.

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