Champion Lakes, Perth WA

Champion Lakes, Perth WA
5th Open at Telstra Super Series Sprint Race 2 ( Draft legal Open Cat)
(750m Swim; 20Km bike; 5km Run)

I was due to use up some of my holidays in December, but then I was called by the office to see if I was interested covering operations in the Perth (Oz) for second spell.

I obviously jumped at the chance & arrived on xmas eve.
From snow one week to 42 deg heat the next I had interesting jet lagged, sun stroked xmas day… but Im not complaining.
Perth has always been my favourite spot to train and feels like my second home from home, even if working long hours at the office.
Fellow Brits professionals Toby Jamison & Tom Lowe are just finding out how good it is & are in town for a spell of winter training & swimsmooth work.

I wasn’t in any shape arriving (too many xmas party’s) but with the great weather here its so easy to get motivated begin a bit of extra training over the statuary hols.
I entered race 2/ of Telstra Tri race Series at Champion Lakes last weekend…. this was draft legal!
Never done one before but I was game.
I borrowed Lisa’s road bike & planned to put a set of my race wheels but after reading the ITU rules I found that none of wheels are legal – all my wheels  have less than 16 spokes…

I rocked up all the same with a pretty heavy frame, a set of training wheels & borrowed a set of  ITU Style Tri bars – man they are short.
I had a pretty good swim, mostly stayed out of trouble with a lot of juniors toeing the line & forged a break before the turn around to leave the main pack & try bridge up to second place, unfortunately when I caught up he had just lost the leaders feet.
Into T2 I was 3rd 10 sec behind the leader. I then began probably one of the worst T1s ever – and entertained the on looking crowds for all the wrong reasons.

I firstly had a Chris McCormack Kona moment and couldn’t get me helmet to clip & as I eventually got it clipped, T1 was filling up fast, I then proceeded to try jump mount my bike, which just went horribly wrong, almost getting my toe tangled in front wheel….
I reckon I lost about 5 positions here & had to pedal like hell to get back up to leaders. By the time I got to the front group I was at my limit & no energy to try bridge up to Troy main who had just made his move.

Beyond lap 1 it obvious tactics by Macca unwilling ‘ot do any work & would wait until the run (being an ex ITU elite racer), so I took turns with James to try limit some losses but with the course being flat & technical theres isn’t any opportunity to break away outside of team tactics which was executed at the start of the bike…
Onto the run I knew I would be in survival mode with no run miles of note since September.
Off the bike in 2nd I had hoped to hold onto 4th but I got run down with 1 k to go & crossed the finish in 5th.

All in all it was hard day as expected but I can see the thrill the short distance style races.
Congrads to Troy on thoroughly deserved win & to Flick (Current World duathlon Champion) taking the women’s race.