Scottish Masters Swimming championship 2013 – April Update

The Scottish Masters Swimming Championship was held in Scotstoun Glasgow last week and my first Swim Gala in 10 years!
Switching to triathlon in 2004 I missed out on the whole swim suit generation of the shark skin & fast skin suits which FINA have now sanctioned limitations on.

The newly implemented FINA sanctions allow lycra material bathers cut from the waist to the knee (for men) & I was lucky to be sent HUUB’s new FINA approved race Jammers to trial at the meet.
The HUUB Jammer’s felt super slick with ample compression around my quads and definitely felt faster compared to terrestrial bathers. The most interesting experience was taking a delicate 5 mins to get into them on correctly, so I can only imagine what it may of been like for those full length body suits!

I knew I had some great swim form at the end February, training with UWA in Perth Australia but returning to Aberdeen in March, the dreary cold nights got the better of me I wasn’t motivated to any more than 1 swim session a week with SCB but I kept fitness up by other means such skiing or mountain biking at the weekends.

I was racing C category (35-39) for the first time and as the meet approached I panicked so I cramped in a last minute 3 sessions pre- race week & 2 sessions race week to stimulate the neural pathways – Not the convention train & taper approach, you might say…
It was quite jam packed programme & so I didn’t try to over load it too much with 1 or 2 races per session & my best events only heats apart and relays to compete in also.
My Swim PBs as a youngster are listed below – A back crawler or medley swimmer at heart

100F/C 55.9..   200 F/C – 2:01..     400 F/C 4:16..     800 F/C N/A
100 IM 1:03..   200 IM 2:16..           400IM 4:46..
50 B/C 28..      100 B/C 1:02..          200 B/C 2:16..

Meet Results

Session 1
800 F/C – 9:35.5 – Target time 9.35
– 2nd M35-39 *SCB Club Record* temporarily for 10 mins
400 IM – 5:10.98 – Target time 5:10
-1st M35-39 *SCB Club Record*

Session 2
4×50 Relay 160-199 Mixed Medley
– 4th (50m Fly leg 30.21)
200 IM – 2:24.71 – Target time 2.27
-1st M35-39 * SCB Club Record*
4×50 Relay 160-199 Mixed F/C
– 3rd (50m F/C leg 28.14)
Session 3
100 I/M – 1:06.62 – Target time 1.05
-1st M35-39
200 F/C – 2:09.47 – Target time 2.09
-2nd M35-39
4×50 Relay 120-159 Men’s Medley
– 1st (B/C leg 31.16) 50m B/C * SCB Club Record*

Session 4
400 F/C – 4:35.25 – Target time 4.35
-1st M35-39 * SCB Club Record*
4×50 Relay 120-159 Men’s F/C
– 4th (F/C leg 27.34)

Gala Highlights:
On reflection my 100 & 200 IM were my best races of the weekend but also highlighted a rusty looking breaststroke in my old favourite event. The 200 F/C hit the hardest suffering a lactic acid attack I hadn’t felt for a long time & Ironically enough my poorest performance was the 800 f/c but truth be told I had a rookie error in my first race & didn’t adjust my Zoggs correctly which resulted in 1 socket filling up off the dive & other from 300m.. doh…

The best feeling of the meet was beating Warrender for the relay win (which included ex world Champion Kris Gilchrist) in the Mens 120-159 200 Metre Medley relay. I finished the meet with 4 gold & 2 silver in the individual events which was enough to secure my age Category points competition and Team SCB captured the Team Trophy to round off a great weekend. I would just like to thanks my triathlon swim sponsors Zoggs & HUUB, SCB swim club for their continued support in the pool. Both Zoggs & Huub have great swim kit & equipment which all aids me in the pool in continuing my swim development. Check out the HUUB race jammers (race suits & wetsuits) & Zoggs Predator and Apex goggles range as well as all there handy training tools.
My next races will be training run at the Balmoral Castle 15 miler this weekend & then the Braemar Duathlon the following weekend. After then it will be heads down to train for the Beaver middle Distance British Championship at the Start of June. Hopefully I will be in decent race shape by then.
Being at my first Master gala in 10 years I was really impressed with some super fast Master swimming that I could only dream of… I’m sure you’ll all agree….

Kris Gilchrist (30 B Cat)
400 IM 4:28.83
100 Brst 1:01.15
200 Brst 2:13.16
400 F/C 4:09.52
50 Brst 29.11
James Donn (36 C Cat)
200 BC 2:15.61
100 BC 1:01.77
Dave Warren: (42 D Cat)
50 Fly 27.11
100 FC 54.52
100 IM 1:01.98
200 FC 1:58.94
100 Fly 59.11
200 Fly 2:12.74
Kevin Maynard (48 E Cat)
50 Fly 28.69
50 FC 27.22
Andrew Addison (26 B Cat)
100 BC 59.00
50 FC 24.68
Tom Lindsey (25 B Cat)
50 FC 24.87
Graeme Hunter (24 A Cat)
50 FC 24.42
100 FC 53.3