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Scott Neyedli Wins Ironman of Wales 2013

BBC Ironman Wales 2013

Race Leader Scott Neyedli T2

IM Live – Ironman Champion 2013 Scoot Neyedli

Scott Neyedli Post Race Ironman Wales 2013 – Champion

Scott Neyedli Post Race Interview Ironman UK 2013 – 4th Place


Freestyle Stroke Analysis: Pro Triathlete Scott Neyedli 2010

Freestyle Swimming Body Position Comparison – Wetsuit, Speedsuit, Pull Buoy, Bathers with Scott Neyedli 2010

Scott Neyedli 2nd Ironman Western Australia 2009

Scott Neyedli 1st Ironman UK 2007 / 2nd Ironman UK 2008


Transworld Sport: Ironman UK 2007


Ironman UK 2007 Highlights


Ironman UK Triathlon 2007 – Interview with Scott Neyedli


Scott Neyedli Interview 2006 – Grampian TV


Coaching Lisa Delaurentis to a successful English Channel Crossing 25.07.11