August update….

28 July
1st Gullane Triathlon

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Ironman Scott Neyedli Answers SOS Call from FirstGroup Health Challenge Team

One of the world’s top endurance athletes, Aberdeen ironman triathlete Scott Neyedli, visited FirstGroup headquarters today to answer an SOS call from an all female FirstGroup team taking part in ‘Stay Active Challenge’ – an unique UK wide employee wellness programme.

Emma Henderson (33, from Bridge of Don), Leigh-Anne Johnston (40, from Craigiebuckler), Farrah Wilson (50 from Old Rayne), Ros Philip (32 from Rothienorman) and Kristen McHugh (29, from Ferryhill) have already swapped their high heels for trainers, but as they enter the competition’s final week in the top ten, they’ve enlisted the help of Scott Neyedli, in their determination to push for third place.

Scott Neyedli, who is the Scottish Ironman record holder, is currently in preparations to take part at Challenge Henley Ironman Race in September.  He took some time out from his punishing schedule to provide the FirstGroup team with specialist nutrition and training advice.  He said: “All five girls seem to have done incredibly well.  They are very enthusiastic and in great shape.  My tips, which will help them train and burn more calories, will hopefully help them reach the top of the leaderboard.”

“Scott’s advice may just prove to be the cutting edge we’ve been striving for,” said Team Captain Ros Philip, a Finance Manager at FirstGroup.  “We’ve done incredibly well in the last ten weeks – and are in with a chance of finishing as the best placed FirstGroup team and in the top three throughout the UK.  I’m very proud of the team – we’re all feeling fitter and healthier than ever.”

Vice Captain Leigh-Anne Johnston, a Personal Assistant at FirstGroup, said that her new fitness regime plays a major part in her life.  “I’m a regular in the Sports Village gym thanks to FirstGroup’s discounted membership,” she said.  “I also walk regularly, but my favourite exercise is trampolining.”

Emma Henderson, also a Personal Assistant at FirstGroup, said she has spent a fortune on new clothes since dropping a dress size: “I walk from my home in the Bridge of Don to FirstGroup’s King Street headquarters every day – a round trip of nearly eight miles.  I also swim regularly and feel so much better, both mentally and physically, since I took up the challenge.  I’m enjoying shopping for new clothes as a result of coming down a dress size!”

In total, 66 colleagues from FirstGroup (15 teams) are taking part in the Stay Active Challenge with hundreds of teams participating throughout the UK.

About Scott Neyedli
Born and raised in Aberdeen, Scott began his sporting career as an amateur triathlete since participating in the sport for fun in 2005 (aged 26).  In 2007 he turned professional.  He specialises in Ironman events which consist of a 2.4 mile open water swim, 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile marathon run.  Despite his success and his extensive travelling, Aberdeen remains his home, living in the West End of the city and works full time as an engineer in the Oil & Gas industry.
As a professional Ironman Triathlete he has achieved:
· 2011 9th ITU World Long Distance Triathlon Championships (Top Britain)
· 2010 Ironman Australia runner-up
· 2009 Ironman Western Australia runner-up (Scottish Record of 8hr, 17min, 48 sec)
· 2008 Ironman UK Triathlon runner-up
· 2007 Ironman UK Triathlon Champion, 1st Briton to win the event in a new run course & overall course record time
· Voted 2008 Top Men’s Individual Performance of the Year by UK’s 220 Triathlon Magazine
· Voted Top Male Elite Long Distance Triathlete of Year 2007 at British Triathlon Annual Awards
· Top Briton at Ironman World Championships 2007
· 3 x Open Senior Scottish Champion
· Voted Runner up at the City of Aberdeen sports person of the year 2007

About the Stay Active Challenge
The Stay Active Challenge is an unique, inclusive and personalised employee wellness programme available globally. Competing in teams of five, participants are challenged to increase their activity levels as much as possible during a ten week activity competition – the team with the greatest increase wins!

Using the revolutionary technology of the iAM – a wireless, interactive activity monitor – participant’s activities are measured by combining calorie burn, speed and intensity of movement and metabolic data. Measuring so much more than simple steps, the iAM means that every movement made counts towards the Challenge, big and small. Participants receive unparalleled, personalised support through an Activity Coach, Dietician and ongoing nutritional advice.

June update….

Norwell Drilling Knockburn Triathlon – Olympic Distance
1500m Swim, 42km bike 10km run
(20:59; 1:07:25; 39.32)

Result found here
or here

Bike GPS here (- 2 mins)


My Newest Fans!

Diary Blog May Update

27 May
Braemar-Aberdeen Duathlon
37 mile Bike, 10 mile Run, 16 mile Bike

1st Course Record
(1.24:43; 1.01:25; 32.38)
Result found here

Royal Deeside

Braemar Highland Games Park

The run through Banchory was actually 29C!

2nd Bike

Zogg Blog 1:

Description: Four stroke positive Drive Fins

Blade specifically designed to provide superior propulsion and power

-Offset foot pocket transfers natural foot power into “positive drive”
-Increased foot and ankle flexibility for increased propulsion
-Designed to broaden the front of the foot and reduce pressure on the instep and toes

Jumping back into the pool following my sinus operation I have been trialling some of Zoggs swimming aids & accessories that Zoggs kindly sent me this past 6 weeks.
The first new item I got a hold of was the Zoggs Positive Drive Fins and I have to say I am now a convert & use these as my preferred choice of Fin in the pool for all my specific leg drill workouts.
The positive drive fins can be used in all 4 strokes as stated – F/C, B/C, FLY & Breastroke.
Yes breastroke, definitely a fins first…
Apon the first time of fitting them I wasn’t sure to make of the oddly shaped short fins… but my first impressions were that It did feel like my ankles were working harder when compared to the Zoggs Bluefinz during the same session.

Zoggs say the foot pockets help transfer your natural drive into positive power & help promote your ankle flexibility which I agree with, but additionally I think helps strengthen your ankles more in the flexed position that also promotes a natural feel to kick more efficiently with power. I think the oddly shape to fin is what promotes this feeling or compensation that make the ankles work harder.

I believe this more so whilst performing F/C & B/C underwater kick drills, kick on the side, kick just under the surface on the front or back (no float) or sculling.
I also found more of recruitment or emphasis in the upward thrust when swimming  Butterfly full stroke than just the normal powerful downward thrust or weaker trail you sometimes feel at the back end of the fly kick.
Performing Breastroke was a new experience in itself and although an odd feeling at first it did force me to feel a little more in the water, slow my technique down to feel more optimal than without.

March 2012

2012 has come around so quick… it does, but also doesn’t seem that long ago that I was in the working arena giving up full time work to give triathlon a bash – how quick time can fly by!

Without adequate sponsorship support in 2012, unfulfilled past agreements, cut prize money, unpaid prize money & WTC’s new points criteria & ranking system, it has become too expensive for me to continue full time triathlon without a reliable income.
Believe it or not the last 2 seasons have been a real struggle, consistently walking a tight rope on a student budget with a 2-3 month forecast on how to get to the next race…Ironman isn’t something you can do every other weekend, requiring at least 3 months of preparation & when you fall the wrong side on the prize purse It just gets harder. Flights, accommodation & cost of living keeps on increasing yet WTC IM prize purse has largely stayed the same for over 10 years and now halved in certain races, increased slightly in others but crucially paying less deep also.

At the turn of the year I accepted an engineering job (my original profession) in the Oil & Gas so Im now settling back into the real world once more (getting paid on time) and working regular work hours Monday-Friday .
So what does this mean for me & triathlon?

I have had my time off & time to arrange a couple of over due ops. I still plan to race open category domestically this year with 2 focus Ironman distance races over summer, firstly Challenge Cairns (Australia in June)  & peaking late summer at Challenge Henley (London in Sept).

I don’t plan racing age group any time soon, I may be working full time which will limit my my training time but I can still challenge a lot of full time athletes. I will just have to commit like I did in 2006, training smart, eating smart, sleeping smart and racing even smarter :) Who knows what the future may hold… More immediately I will be at the Triathlon (TCR) Show this weekend in Sandown (2nd &3rd March) so please pop by & say hello. The last time I was at the TCR show was in March 2007 so Im looking forward to seeing the newest, latest & greatest gadgets.

Triathlon Show 2012
Sandown, England

I will confirm engagement times if changed via twitter / FB once Im down there but I will be mostly working at the ON running team booth through the weekend
– Simply the best pair of runners Ive ever used.

The Fit Brands Fashion Show & Drinks Party Friday 2nd March 7pm

PowerBar Watt Bike Race Sat 3rd March 3pm

Powerbar Nutrition Q&A Sat 3rd March 1:20pm with Joe Beer

Challenge Henley – Sat 3rd March late morning time tbc

Lewis Andrews Foundation – Please support this great cause & support the youth & next generation

Look out also for Swim Smooths Paul Newsome & Adam Young I believe there involved with the launch of the new HUUB Wetsuit designed by Dean Jackson (former designer at Blueseventy)- claiming to be the fastest suit in the market…

Ironman Arizona Garmin Data Uploads

Ironman Bike 180Km:
I punched the 1st lap split a couple mins late thus giving a significantly faster lap 2 – I glanced at the clock & lap 1 was actually 1:27.. or 1:28..

Ironman Marathon 42.2km:
I started the GPS in lap 2 & forgot to stop it at the finish


Scott Neyedli on Ironman Arizona 220 interview

GB’s Scott Neyedli came 11th in Ironman Arizona on November 20. The former Ironman UK champion and fifth year pro finished in 8:29:03, and told 220 about his race…

How did you feel race morning? I felt good, relaxed & excited to race. I had placed 9th at the ITU Long Distance World Championships two weeks earlier. I felt well recovered from the race, with more emphasis on physio and recovery. My training miles were banked before the race in Henderson so I knew the fitness was there; my only concern was that I was racing two big races close together.

What was your nutrition plan? Pretty simple really – about 30mins before the race start I have one non-caffeinated power gel. Onto the bike I carry my own sports nutrition and consume two powerbar non-caffeinated gels per hour with water from the aid stations. I have one energy sports drink at the beginning of the bike and a second if I think I need it at the special needs station. If I think I need any electrolytes I’ll drop a couple of tablets into my bidon – this depends on the heat or conditions of the day. On the marathon I take one to two gels an hour with coke and water at most aid stations. I tend to go on feel in this part of the race, as my gut tends to be more sensitive.

How did the swim go? The start line felt crowded (106 pros!) and I made sure that I placed myself on the right hand side to stay out of trouble from the go. I got clubbed a couple of times but I got a clean start all the same. In the first 500m, the front pack didn’t really take a normal formation and I found myself on the right with five or so lead swimmers side by side. I moved and positioned myself in behind the feet of the front line and all seemed great until a few hundred meters before the halfway turn buoy when the pack changed direction quite erratically and the pace hiked to what felt like 1:10 pace. I tried hanging on but the burn in my biceps got the better of me and I lost the main group, finding myself isolated, which left me on a long lonely return leg. I span round a couple of times to see where the next pack was but it was too risky to sit up and wait. The swim felt terrible. It’s not often I don’t go sub 50mins, but it was a grind to go under 52mins.

And the bike? The bike course was three laps. For most it was flat with undulations upwards heading toward the turnaround point. First Sebastien Kienle passed early in the first lap and then Michael Weiss. I found myself riding with Viktor Zyemtsev and Torsten Abel until Viktor punctured on the shoulder heading back into town. Checking my Garmin at the end of the first lap the clock read 1hr28 so I was on a sub 4hr30 bike time. I guessed the guys up front must be riding around 4hr20-25 pace, and checking the speedo I was sure that some would burn their matches at some point, whether it be on the bike or run. On the third lap, as I’d predicted, some of the racers ahead began to dwindle from the early high wattage pushed. I went through bad patches, digging in not to get dropped before the last turn around thinking that a tailwind home should freshen me up before the run. Not so. The wind had changed and instead of holding 56kph home, it was a struggle to hold 40kph.

How was the run? I got into a rhythm quickly and my first few miles felt good. I was confident of a sub-3hr marathon that would see me back in the top 10, but not much longer into the run I just felt horrible. At the end of the first lap I ditched the fuel belt which has been my saviour in the past, but I felt much freer around my hips and got a second wind so I concentrated on feeling light and got my cadence up again. I got through lap two smiling more and I began to pass athletes again. My spirits lifted seeing my mum, Lisa, Tabitha and other newly made friends this past week cheering me on.

How did you feel after the finish? I was so happy and relieved. I really didn’t think I was going to make the finish after 10 miles and when I hit 25 miles I knew I was going to get there. It wasn’t the result I’d hoped for, just missing the top 10 for the first time, but it was still a victory when you’ve been battling those mental demons all day. Whether your first or last when you hit the finishing chute it’s one of the best feelings in the World.

Scott’s Top Tips for Ironman

1 Trial your race kit in training and prepare to pack race kit in your transition bags for both hot and cold race day conditions. You never know what the weather will do.

2 Write a nutrition and fluids plan for hot and cold race day conditions. Nutrition is quite a personal thing and experimenting with different sports manufacturers or foods is best done on long training days. Trial and error is the one way you’ll fine tune and find what agrees with your body.

3 During training, try to mimic the race profile and conditions. Training routes should replicate course profiles as best as possible in the bike and run.

4 Familiarise yourself with the race course before the race, either by completing some training rides or runs prior to the event, or use parts of the course in your training on race week.

5 Be nice to the volunteers and aid station workers – it’s a long day for them too

Ironman Arizona 20th Nov

I firstly want to honour Sally Meyerhoff, Sally was an Arizonian local, elite marathon runner & XTERRA Trail World Champion who  tragically died in a car accident recently whilst training on her bike. I had never met Sally but it’s always saddening to hear of anyone passing in our sport so young. Most of the pro’s, myself  & the community she touched, honoured her this past weekend by wearing a pink band in the race with the words “Think relentlessly positive”.  Little did i know how often I & others would be drawn to reading this throughout our race.

Ironman Arizona has in the past drawn some great names & Champions, but I don’t think any Ironman race outside of kona has drawn a field with such depth & strength.106 professional men & women towed the start line! & Im sure this has to be an Ironman record of sorts, seeing that the Hawaii Ironman World Championship has been capped at 80…


After my 9th place finish at the ITU Long Distance World Championship, I felt I had recovered well and was eager to finish the season on a high. I had picked up a cold post race in Henderson and I concentrated mostly returning to full health and then my Physio rehabilitation thanks to Roy at Pinnacle Elite Physiotherapy in Kelowna & Suzanne Koller. My training miles were banked before the race in Henderson so I knew the fitness was there, my only concern was maybe racing 2 big races so close together. I was feeling good, relaxed & excited to race. It was a stacked field but i believed with a great day, without any nutritional problems & a well executed strategy I could maybe podium &  get under my 8:17 Scottish Ironman record pb.

Race Morning: The race started at 6:45am, so I set the alarm for 4.15am. After my first bathroom visit I got dressed, firstly putting on my Compressport compression quads & calf’s to help the blood circulation into my legs & then my Fusion race kit, followed by body tattoo’s & breakfast.

Breakfast is light after getting a good feed the night before. I aim to have breaky about 2 hours before the race start.


Powerbar/Neovite recovery shake with rice milk, a banana & some  carrot cake & Powerbar Perform energy drink to sip on until race start

The Swim: 3.8km – 51.37

Pre-race was awesome, a sell out race, a huge pro field with lots of big names. My mum & girlfriend Lisa came to support me on a surprise visit, I had local support from my awesome home stay hosts Carl & Tabitha Jones, and their local triple sports triathlon club & crew, I couldn’t wait to start.

The start line felt crowded & I made sure that I placed myself hard on on the right hand side to stay out of trouble from the go. I hit the start hard & for the most part stayed trouble free of the frenzied washing machine & flying fists. I got clubbed a couple of times but I got a clean start all the same.


The first 500m or so the pack didn’t really take a normal formation & I found myself on the right with 5 or so lead swimmers side by side. I moved & positioned myself in behind the feet of the front line & all seemed great until a few hundred meters before the turn round bouy the pack changed direction quite erratically & the pace hiked to what felt like sub 1:10 pace! I couldn’t tell what line group was taking as changed 2 or 3 times, I tried hanging on but the burn in my biceps got the better of me & I lost the main group & found myself isolated.

I was swimming reasonably fast but soon my stroke quickly felt sloppy & dashed. Initially I thought I could hold a what looked like a 20 sec deficit at the half way turn round bouy, but the group soon swam out of sight & left me on a long lonely return leg. I span round a couple of times to see where the next pack was but i thought it was too risky to sit up & wait. The swim felt terrible Its not often I don’t go sub 50 but today It was just a grind to go under 52. This was not the start I’m used to. I made it shore & got through T1 as quickly as i could & hopped onto my Blue Triad SL armed with my Rolf TT58/Disc , Rotor 3D Cranks & Q-Rings + my newly sponsored areo helmet courtesy of HH Global that adhered to the US CPSC bike safety legislation.

The Bike: 180km – 4:32.15

The bike course was 3 x 60km laps. For the most part flat with a couple of undulations heading toward the turn around point – A head wind out & a tail wind back. The bike fire power in the mens pro field was sonic. First Kienle passed  early in the first lap & then latterly by Weiss. I passed Rafael early on & found myself riding with Zmentez & Abel until Victor punctured on the shoulder heading back into town. Checking my Garmin at lap 1 read – 1:28 so I was on sub 4:30 pace & guesstimating the guys up front must be going around 4:20-25 pace. I would obviously have loved to be with the front guys but checking the speedo i was sure that some would burn there matches at some point, whether it be on the bike or marathon.

Heading out onto the 2nd lap Rapp passed with Bastie closely behind & a few others in chase. The 2nd lap seemed go through quickly much like the first lap, a head wind out, tail wind back. Another time time check – 2hrs 57 almost even splitting. At this point I figured a sub 4:30 bike & good marathon would still see in the race.

On the 3rd lap,  as hoped for racers ahead began to dwindle & suffer from the early high wattage pushed. I too went through bad patches digging in hard up to the turn around thinking that I’ll get a tail wind home on the final stretch… I wish! The wind picked up & it was a head wind back into town… ahh

Most of the guys I had caught up to had slipped off the pace. Jordan had pulled out with what looked like major gastric problems & Bastie had surged, gaining some time heading back into town.

The Marathon: 42.2km – 3:01.07

It was  3 loop run course in which you passed T2 twice per lap so it was very spectator friendly. I was so out of touch in my own world of pain that I didn’t notice until lap 3 that some of the aid stations were themed as Pirates or Cops & Robbers!

Onto the run, where I normally go sub-3 & move up through the field, just didn’t materialise… I whipped on my springy ON surfer runners & got quickly into a rhythm exiting T2 but by mile 2 I just felt plain horrible. I was passed by 3 or more athletes by mile 10 firstly Abel, Zyemtsev then Wurtele. I’m not used to going backwards & I was wasn’t the most positive of athletes on the course & thought this could be the day I have dreaded and have to walk home … I was maybe in 16th or 17th position. Finishing Lap 1 I ditched my Nathan fuel belt, normally my saviour but I felt instantly free around my hip flexors.  I felt a second wind as I consciously kept reading my pink bracelet “Think relentlessly positive”. I concentrated on getting my cadence back up & set myself the simple task getting round. I went through some major rough patches & it was gratifying to see the Scottish & Union Jack flags out there inspiring me to dig in. No sooner I got through lap 2, I was on my final lap & I began passing athletes once more. Seeing my mum, Lisa Tabitha, Carl & other newly made friends this past week really got me through my big lull. I may not have acknowledged it at the time but they really helped pull me to that finish line.

My swim & run legs weren’t playing ball as normal, it wasn’t a podium, nor a top 10 but still a victory when you don’t think you’ll make the finish line. I placed 11th in my 3rd fastest Ironman time 9:29.03 on a really rough day.

I’ve always said whether your first or last hitting the Ironman finish chute, it’s still one the best feelings in the World.

Race Finish Video:


Thanks to all my great, supporters, my mum & Lisa that came on a surprise visit, Tabitha & Carl my awesome homestays, my friends and Sponsors — Urban Hotel Group, Dr Forrest Dentistry, HH Global, UK Multisport, Blue Competition Cycles, Fusiion Clothing, ON run shoes, Rolf Wheels, Rotor Engineering, Ekoi eye ware & helmets, Powerbar, Neovite, Compressport, Computrainer, Keywin pedals, iMac Images, Aberdeen Sport Therapy, MacinTosh plant Hire, CyclePath, Pinnacle Physiotherapy, EliteSportz, Cyclemania, OMSC, RGU Sport. Without you all I don’t think I could of made the finish.

Race Results:

Scott Neyedli Race Splits:



Media Links:

Race Nutrition Plan:

Night before: 12 hr before race start

– Pasta in light red sauce with small chopped tomatoes & chopped lean steak

Pre Swim:

30 mins before the race start

– 1 non-caffeine Powerbar gel.


I carry my own sports nutrition

– 2 Powerbar non-caffeine gels/ hour with water from the aid stations.

– 1 Powebar Perform energy sports drink at the beginning of the bike

– a 2nd Powebar Perform energy sports drink If I think I need it at the special needs station.

– If I think I need any electrolytes I drop tablets into my Areofill bidden depending on heat of the day


I tend to go on feel in this part of the race as my gut tends to be more sensitive.

– 1 or 2 Powerbar gels / hour an hr

– with coke & water at most aid stations

The Race Equipment:

3 Days until Ironman Arizona

Below some shots taken whist checking out the swim & marathon courses  and race kit / equipment.

More Pics from 2011 Henderson World Long Distance Triathlon Champs

2011 ITU World Long Distance Championships – (Swim Cancelled)

9th Scott Neyedli GBR 05:17:22 (120k bike 03:21:02 30K run 01:54:33)

Firstly a huge congratulations to Rachel on a marvellous World Championship win & Leanda 2nd

I was just as disappointed as most people were with the swim being cancelled, the new start was altered to a prologue like roll out but at 5 second intervals from 7:45am as opposed to the 7am swim start time. The decision was based on a mean temperature of the water & air race morning (17C water & 6C air) Im still happy with my race although maybe not getting the swim time advantage from a few of my competitors placed ahead of me and also I was one of the last a seeds to begin the bike leg when the front end of the race shaped up in front.

In any case Its my first  top 10 in an Elite Senior World Championship, so Im content under the circumstances. The course for sure is a Championship course, tough windy rolling hills like Hawaii but with cold dry air. The bike leg & 3 Sisters climb were fun & its not often you race a triathlon bike profile accumulating significantly more ascent over descent of altitude – 120K bike ride with more than 9,700 feet climbing, and a 30K run that boasts an additional 2,000 ft elevation gain.

Ironman Arizona is my next start on Nov 20th so maybe i’ll get to swim there Thanks again for all my continued sponsors & supporters and to the Tri Touch & Dave Newport (GB LD Team manager) for looking after me and the team this weekend.

GB Elite Men

9 Scott Neyedli 13 Nicolas Ward Munoz

GB Elite Woman

1 Rachel joyce 2 Leanda Cave

Media Links–2011-henderson-itu-long-distance-triathlon-world-championships-on-5-november-2011

October update

Got an email this week from GB so selection confirmed My next start will be the ITU Long Distance Champs, Henderson Nevada Nov 5th then Ill start IM Arizona 2 weeks later to finish the year.

Subaru Banff Triathlon

Two Jacks Lake

I drove over the Rocky Mountains from Kelowna (BC) to Banff  (Alberta) last weekend with Lisa to race in the Subaru Banff Triathlon.

Pre race media

It was a long day of driving, 7hrs & all including stops but I got the chance to see some of Canada I hadn’t seen before in the Summer time. The weather was fantastic & the scenery was beautiful… Simply a great place to be.

The race was really well organized, with two transitions to navigate, & a bike drop the night before didn’t give me much time other than to register, pack the race bags, eat & hit the sack.

The race began at glacier fed Two Jacks lake at a lowly 13/14c! It was cold! wetsuits were mandatory & the scull cap was also a good choice.

It was however a really toasty 26-28 deg J & you soon warmed up on the bike course that entailed a very scenic 2 loop undulating course before 12 km stretch taking you into Banff city centre for T2.

The race in felt ok but sluggish in general, I struggled in the swim which I put down to either the cold water shock & possibly the altitude (1400m or there abouts). I hung on in the swim & came out 2nd behind the leader & eventual winner Grant Burwash from Calgary. Onto my new 2011 Blue SL I wasn’t able to make any significant inroads into the lead as hoped after giving 2 or 3 digs & entered T2 1st with only a few sec lead.

Pretty much as soon as the run began I was relinquished to 2nd place & loosing big chunks of time to Grant. My calf’s felt uncomfortably tight & I tried pushing as much as I could but truth be known I was closer to Ironman pace than for Olympic distance. I held onto 2nd with Trev Williams also from Calgary chasing me down.

Thankyou to all the sponsors & race day volunteers for putting on a great race in a fantastic location.



Grant Burwash   1:51:44 Scott Neyedli   1:56:06 Trev Williams   1:58:02


Looks somewhat different to the Banff Springs Hotel in Scotland 😉

August Update:

I’m looking to race locally in BC next month (on the come back injury trail) with a target of  Ironman Florida or Arizona in Nov, possibly the ITU Worlds in Henderson IF selected by GB

August Update:

Press & Journal (July)

Unfortunately  3 weeks out from the UK Ironman I was fighting a calf injury which ruled me out starting last weeks target race in Bolton. Injury’s, illness ‘s do occur from time to time & its all part and parcel of professional racing. You just have to manage things as best as you can & keep moving forward. I have taken time out & now back in training again with the hope of my next start to be in September possibly an Ironman or  70.3 1/2 Iron distance. In any case case I head to Kelowna BC once more to stay at my folks place and I will do my preparations from there until the end of the the year.

Evening Express (July)

July Update Stonehaven 1/2 Marathon

Its not the first time I’ve biked from home to race the Stonehaven half marathon to use a good hard training day, so this would be my 4th start in doing so. The weather was perfect, clear blue skies & some sunburn to show for by the the end of the day The course is uphilll for about 5 miles, undulating & downhill undulating to the finnish.

I’ve had a win, a 2nd & a 3rd this event. My running has taken a back step this past month but Ive seen my weight come down to 63/64kg’s so I thought maybe a good time would be possible if my legs played game. As it happened they did & I placed 2nd in my new course pb 1:15.50 a few mins behind the 3x winner & Scottish International Ben Hukins. It was great day & course profile giving no leverage to allow you to settle in to a steady rhythm & I had to work hard throughout with a good solid battle with Nick Milosolov (brother of Tony Milosolov former British marathon No.1 in the 80’s) who I eventually broke clear ground at 7 or 8 miles. Afterwards I went for 125K ride over the backside of the Cairn O mounts (harder side & knockburn loch before heading home & then a small paddle at RGU sport  to cool off

Frame: Blue SL2011

Wheels: Font – Rolf Prima echelon Rear Rolf Prima Vigor with Powertap Race Wheels (not pictured): Rolf Prima TT58’s, TT85’s & Disc

Cranks & Chain rings: Rotor 3D+ & Q-rings

Group set: SRAM red

Saddle: Adamo time trial

Computer: Garmin edge 500 gps

Indoor trainer: Computrainer racermate

June update…

Training has taken a bit of back step over the past couple of weeks, firstly with travel & appointments ranging from IT issues, a leaking boiler, 3 wisdom teeth extracted, doctor/Nurse checkups & a years worth of administrative catch up that needed to be completed. I still raced the UK70.3 soon after a long haul flight from Australia, which to be honest was a little too much to squeeze in, but I figure It’s home & Its important to race here & it was great to see so many familiar faces again…Jeeze I forgot how tough that course – 52 hills in 56 miles says it all. Some mechanical issues prior & during the race didn’t help much but I stuck in as best as I could & finished 7th thank-you to Jamie of MSD that supported myself & Martin Jenson over the weekend & to The triathlon shop, Bristol & the Oxford Tri club.

Note.. pack wellington boots next time, UK weather isn’t like the continent

Meeting with Bert McIntosh McIntosh Plant Hire (MPH)

Organised book keeping – UK Tax, Australian tax, Flight Travel logistics & Visa’s, 4 foreign accounts, 3 currency accounts, credit card bills & cash receipts for  7 currency’s!

Not a glamour shot but but Dr Forrest did a great job – Im now 3 wisdom tooth lighter :)

UK 70.3 Race media

Race Photos  – type Bib No. 5 After the event I traveled to Milton Keanes & visited UK Multisport Distribution (my main UK supporter) & I picked up my new ride & kit for for 2011, I was also fitted at there new Velmotion bike studio.

– Ill get some new pics of my bling soon

Next start  – Ironman UK 31st July

Ironman UK will be my next start. It’s been 3 year since I have started here & the event has moved on from Sherborne to Bolton. I will be looking for a top finish here with a record of a 1st & a 2nd in my 2 starts in 2007 & 2008. The new venue looks just as demanding as the last course & I’m looking forward to it.

Thanks for the continued support


PS Stay posted for my 2001 ride & ill be pod casting with Joe Beer again in the coming weeks

Below is some snaps from racing & training shots from down underto fill the gaps of my website server being lost in May

1st off the bike Singapore 70.3

Singapore Triathlon club

Stung by red bottles at Scarborough beach

Swim teaching Brianna

Karri Valley Triathlon

Iron Chef?

Sport Fm 91.3 Interview

Sport Fm 91.3 Interview from the Busso 70.3 with 3 x World Champion Peter Roberston & myself by Zen Sport

Media Publication

Running Free Magazine – available now in the UK RUNNERS * Interview: Scott Neyedli * Heroes: Joyce Smith * Coach Carvey: The Coach on his inspiration!

Ironman Australia 2011

I had a great preparation based in Perth WA for the second year. All went well with only a hamstring issue I was able to keep on top with thanks to Dianella chiropractic & CBD wellness in my last 6 week lead up.

There were few changes to the course from 2010, transition was re-located to the CBD, slightly altering the swim start, but more or less the same course. A new two lap cycle course was devised, and the run was changed from a 3 lap to 4 lap marathon.

The swim was changed back to a mass start & the pros given about a 10m gap on the age groupers behind. Thankfully no false starts this year but I wasn’t able to get the jump off the front as I had hoped.  Pete swam hard from the gun & I tried to get onto his draft after swimming side by side for the first 50m or so… but with 2 swimmers clambering on my feet & legs, Pete opened a gap pretty swiftly & I couldn’t get back on. I did my best to chase & I limited the gap in first Km but I was continuously getting clocked by a red cap (age group) to my left & also on my feet & calf’s by the swimmer behind.

This more or less continued throughout my swim & when smacked my hand on mooring by a turn bouy about half way I got pretty fed up, I looked behind to see the main pack to tow so I sat up in the water to let someone else in the group to do some work, (firstly to get some feeling into my hand again) & worked back into 2nd swimmer to conserves a bit of energy for the end where I hit the front again to break things up before entering T2.

I jumped onto the bike, Adam Holobrow exited pretty swiftly & Patrick Vernay just seconds in front.  As I tried to chase them up hills out of town I heard a regular shooting sound & my initial thoughts were maybe I had a puncture or slow leak. I had a good look around my Triad distracting me from my rhythm but I couldn’t see anything & the pressure felt good (note I should of stopped for a proper look).

After some time the noise stopped & I forgot about it as I hunkered down to the bike leg. I was pretty much on my own for the first 90-95 K’s. Mitch passed fairly early on then Courtney & then Scott C after about an hour or so on the saddle.  The conditions were pretty challenging with I would say 60% of the ride into a head wind.  After the first lap it was clear Pete was well in front & looking good while the rest didn’t really make any more time at the end of lap 1 except for Mitch.

Shorto was about a min behind & a few others tucked in behind. I pedaled out of port Mac for the second time & something caught my eye on my front wheel… A Powergel was stuck on my wheel to my disbelief.  I couldn’t believe how I missed this at the bike start. I tried flicking it off a few times & couldn’t. Special needs was about 500m away so I waited to dismounted there, to pee the gel off & retrieve exactly what I wanted from my special needs bag.  I started pedaling again & It didn’t take long for Shorto to bridge up to me.  The second half of the bike I exchanged positions a couple of times & the athletes behind soon disappeared.  By the last turn the field was pretty spread out & I was sure I could catch a few guys on the marathon.

Onto the marathon I learned that Courtney had been side lined for a puncture  & so I set about running the marathon. Jason I knew is an awesome athlete & runner & he took off pretty fast & I think made 3- 3 1/2 min in the first 10K!

I wasn’t sure where I was on the overall placing as it was hard to pick people out with the 70.3 pro & age groups hitting the course & by the second 2nd lap the run course was pretty congested, especially at the aid stations. Also I saw no bikes for 2nd or 3rd positions so this made things harder to know how the race was panning out.

After 1 ½ laps I had picked up 2 positions I knew of but I wasn’t sure If I was 5th or 6th place & on 3rd lap I passed a struggling Mitch Anderson. With 1 lap to go I then got some feed back that I was in 4th & Shorto was only 2 ½ mins up on me, & Courtney had creeped up to 50 secs behind. I tried pushing a little more but the run was really hard to navigate all through the course & I got ran into by an oncoming athlete at one of the aid stations (I had the bruises to show for the next day) & by the last turn around I was surprised to see Jason not too far ahead & Courtney now about 30 secs behind.

Heading back into town I really tried push hard, firstly to hold onto 4th but now also sensing that a podium was possible… finishing the marathon strongly I felt I pushed too hard, too late I finished 2 ½ mins up on Courtney & got to within a min of Jason by the finishing chute.  Congratulations to Pete on his first Ironman title.

Thanks to all my supporters at home & abroad without there support I wouldn’t be able to race.

firstly mum, dad & my adoptive family in Perth Mozza & Lisa 😉 Ricky & the Urban Hotel Group Andrew Ivey of Elite Sportz Perth WA Mark and the staff at Selby Gym Perth WA Wayne & Richard at Cycle Mania Perth WA Suzi at Dianella Chiropractic Perth WA Danny Powerbar Australia Jamie at UK MSD, Fusion clothing, Ekoi eyeware & Blue cycles Brian at Rolf Prima race wheels Phil at Computrainer Australia, Joe Beer UK, Rotor components, Neovite & Nathan fuel belts

Race photos:Bib No. 5


Scott places 4th at IM Aus

Scott was posting on Facebook threw the race, some of his comments…

Pete Jacobs to quick for us today. 2min30sec lead. Out second. Feeling good

On the run. 4mins off 3rd

Feeling stronger 9km sitting 4th 2:30 off 3rd

Had a great run and finished 4th. Thanks everyone for their support

Hi All

Just a quick note to say i start Ironman Australia this Sunday May 1st – Updates will be on Ironman live & Ill have maybe some additional updates on FB & twitter I pasted a short blog on my website a couple of days ago – click on the news tab – the big news officially released today is 2 X World ironman Champion Craig Alexander is out with illness



Media Pre Race

Just 4 day to go..

This Sunday, 1st May I will be competing at Ironman Australia in Port Macquarie for the second time. I placed 2nd last year & this year is gonna be tough. The Pro men includes Patrick Vernay, Craig Alexander, Courtney Ogden, Pete Jacobs & Jason Shortis to name a few.

Also watch out for Scot, GB age grouper of the year Craig Dale to do well, currently on a medicine  sabbatical in Sydney. To track progress during the event on Bib number 5

I’ll also post race updates & pre race media obligations etc on Facebook & twitter accounts.


April 3rd   Western Australian 80 K TT Champs

As I start April, I enter my final high volume block of training in preparation for Urban Hotel Ironman Australia (1st May). I thought I’d sandwich my Sunday long ride/brick with an 80KTT (suggested by Mr Illingworth). Initially on the reserve list I got the call on Saturday afternoon that I had a start. so at the end of my 1st hard week & double long run the day before, it was safe to say I was loaded for this one. I cycled from the house to Wandi giving me a decent 40K or so warmup & I had  the aim, to get close to or just under 2 hours (81.8km). The conditions weren’t too favourable compared to previous years i was told, & I had a later start time of 9:22, conditions were a bit windy on 2nd half of a flat then rolling 10.3 km circuit course. This meant 8 laps but easy to keep a check on pacing. I used my Rolf TT58’s setup on my Triad SL as this is what i plan using in Port mac rather than the preferred disc that many riders were using.  I was also 2 spots off before No. 1 seed, 2 X Olympian & double commonwealth medalist Matt Illingworth… bugger.. how long (or little) would it take him to pass me..

I started the first lap a bit tentatively but outside my target pace, then lap  2 started & before you could say “hows your father” lighting bolt Illingworth came steaming by at about 12 or 13 Ks.. I tried picking the pace up a bit, but tried not to get too stirred & stuck to the game plan, by half way I had 59:50 on Garmin & on target but I was starting to tire a little. At the finish I did tire but held it pretty well in 2:00:35. Matt, the machine broke a spoke in lap 4 rolled into the car park changed wheels & still smashed the field by over 7 mins to 2nd… I hung around to down a couple of cokes, refill my Powerbar biddons & headed off to finish my 180K ride & brick run. A good solid day


1st Matt Illingworth 1:51:16 2nd Tim Roberts 1:58:34 3rd Guy Crawford 1:59:29 4th Troy Coulthard 2:00:33 5th Scott Neyedli 2:00:35 6th Brynt McSwain 2:01:32 7th Cam Berg 2:01:34 8th Nathan Jones 2:02:02 9th Paul Taseff 2:02:42 10th Chris Roberts 2:02:45

April Update

My next start will be Ironman Australia 1st May, I placed runner up last year. IMOZ will field 3x World Champion Craig Alexander, 4x (& current) Ironman Australia Champion Patric Vernay, Ironman Western Australia winner Courtney Odgen & Hawaii top 10 finisher Pete Jacobs to name a few.

Ironman 70.3 Singapore (1.9K swim, 90K bike, 21.1K run)   20/03/2011

8th (1st off the bike)       3hr 58 mins 25       (30:27, 2:03:52, 1:20.58)


Firstly I’d like to thank my home-stay Glen, Julia & the Anza Triathlon club for looking after me during my short trip to Singapore.They made feel so welcome thanks guys. The 5th edition of the singapore 70.3 included a stacked field including World Champions, ITU,70.3 winners & Ironman Champions… yet half the prize purse of 2010 & less points available for the new Pro KPR system… makes sense. Still this was to be a hit out prior to my main focus of this quarter, Ironman Australia (but 1/2 the prize purse of 2010 & 1/2 the KPR points?). The swim entailed a 2 loop circuit (probably 400m long) but I was confident that I should be able swim with the main pack. It was a non wetsuit swim so my Blueseventy PZ3TX was my choice being that wetsuits were not allowed The swim simply went pear shaped off the start – my goggles leaked in both sockets continuously through the swim & just ruined any rhythm In a frenzied mosh mash swim of flaring arms – I had to  spin at regular intervals onto my side or back to clear them & by half way I had missed the front group…This was the worst swim I have had in a pro race for about 2 years – not good. note – new goggles needed.

I came 17th out the water, about 2 1/2 min in arrears to ITU short course King Chris Gemmill (incidentally riding the new Blue 2011 triad SL) & many people’s pick to win (including myself). I came out the water with South African James Cunama (another race favourite) & New Zealander Guy Crawford who I think had just as much a shocker of swim as I did. Onto the bike I made haste & my race gels fell out of my rear pocket mounting my Triad SL… ahhh… I wasn’t going back for them as the chase to front was too much too risk. I had some coke in one of my bottles so I was hoping to get a gel or 2 on the bike. After initially pushing hard I passed Guy & James for the first few K ‘s& then the charge of the South African came through to which I was able to match pace. At 20K’s I think we’ were just under 2 mins to the lead & by the end of the first loop only  1 min 20 down… unexpected good news. The road surfaces in singapore are silky smooth & pancake flat, we were holding 44K/hr for good spells – this is a very very fast course (but 88.6K long according to the Garmin).

Just after 1/2 way i was surprised we caught the leaders… but it contained a big group including Chris Gemmel, Dave Dello, Patrick Vernay & Farris Al Saltan etc. The second half the bike I tried pushing the pace & swapped the lead a few times with Guy but the way things were going it was going to come down to a run race… & It did. I had only a little carbs in the form of coke in first part of bike & I was on water or electrolyte the rest of the time – I new I’d need more fuel to run well & I didn’t get a gel I had hoped for at any of the aid stations.

1st off the bike & a faster than normal transition, all the main guys hit T2. Gemill took off like speed demon closely pursued by Dave Dello & James Cunnama & co. I fell back to 4th or 5th early on the the run then slipped to 10th by 1/2 way or so. My energy felt a little flat. I felt coped fine with the heat or humidity, it was more the carb stores that were in need of replenishment. There was meant to be coke in stations 1,3 & 5 of the run & I didn’t get a hold of a can (yes a can) of coke at aid station 3 on second time round with 8K to go, my energy picked up & I was able to pick a couple of positions before the end. My goals were to go sub 4hrs & ideally top 5, I wasn’t too far off the mark but considering such a bad start to the day & the quality of the field I kinda happy, I got some TV time & things to work on before Ironman Oz. Congrads to Chris who stormed the run in 1:13 to take a maiden 70.3 victory.

Race Media

Karri Valley    26/03/2011

(1.5K swim, 60K bike, 12K run) DNF (puncture whilst leading)

After arriving back home from Singapore, Stadium Tri club held there triathlon race down south at Karri Valley resort. The event was designed as an inbetween distance or stepping stone race for those training for the Busso 70.3. The race was well managed in a  beautiful part of WA with a beautiful lake & hilly rolling roads. I  lead out the water with Sean & Paul & 1 other getting the draft & after a long run transition I lost a few seconds mounting the bike. but once onto the bike I pushed hard to get back to the front of the race,  I finally broke free of Sean & Paul not long after the start of the 2nd lap (20K’s) & by half way I had opened up a decent gap to build on before hitting the run. Alas at 33K’s I punctured, I hopped off & tried using pitstop to no end & I was out… bugger I got lift back into T2 & completed the run anyway.

Pre – Ironman Singapore 70.3 – 20th MArch

I fly to Singapore tomorrow night to begin my 2011 pro season at the AVIA Ironman 70.3 Singapore event this Sunday. I’ve never been to singapore before so It’ll be a new experience Im looking forward to, I’ve been told the course is flat & to expect hot & humid conditions. The weather in Perth WA has been ideal. Temperatures consistently above 30 & a 2-3 week period in past month where the humidity has been a lot higher than normal. I’m happy with how my training this first 1/4 with maybe a little misfortune of a fall on the bike the weekend before last & slip in the shower last week that split my ankle. All, in all training wasn’t really hampered too much & Im just fully healed,  just a couple extra trips to the chiro & physio &were needed. Im looking forward to this weekend, the half Iron event will be a true test of form as I’ll use the race as a lead up to Ironman Australia on the 1st May. The field is pretty stacked with a mix of short distance World Cup Winners, Ironman Champions & World Champions! Its gonna be a cracker.

Live updates should be on the Ironman website click on the Ironman live logo at the top of the page.

Stirling Range Bush Hill with Mikey Gee

On a 500K return trip from the Albany triathlon I hooked up with PT & Stadium  coach for a bush run in the Albany Mountains.

Activity Type: Running        Distance :20.10 km       Event Type: Training       Elevation Gain: 546m         Time: 02:59:01         Calories:882 C

Bush hill with Lisa

The Stirling Range


the highest Point

Scott & Mikey Gee